To worry or not to worry

In my previous post I shared my method of handling worries using the postponement method. When you are sitting in front of your worries with a problem solving attitude, there are 3 questions you should ask when determining which problems can actually be solved.

Those problems that cannot be solved, don’t sweat them, just acknowledge their existence as being things in your life that are worrisome but outside of your control and move on to problem solving the worries that you can do something about.

Score 3 YES responses and go for it, catapult into problem solving mode and remove it from your worry list!

**NOTE:  Material credit to Pro’s at Genessee Mental Health Center

The Roses

Nature photography has truly become therapeutic to me and I wish I had the patience to take a class because now that I am living back in New York I am bursting over the beauty here (tips totally solicited).  I am trying to stay on top of updating my photo page at least weekly but as I was just doing some reminiscing I still have to say that the most favorite photo I have ever taken has to be this one … birds aside, of course.