Damn you, Tom Ford!

I have a strong love/hate relationship with super vague film endings, but don’t confuse that with my enthrallment for Nocturnal Animals.  Never before have two of my favorite things been combined in such a way – every time she put the manuscript down, I fidgeted like a child.  I don’t want this to be a total spoiler post so I will leave my comments with this … turn off the lights, put your phone on DND, have the popcorn already popped, and stay tuned into this emotional rollercoaster filled with all-star actors, amazing imagery and outstanding originality.

“Lights Out”

As a genre, Horror has had at least 2 centuries of shameful presentations.  I can’t believe Lights Out was a solid 77% by Rotten Tomatoes standards (not to mention the 88% given for The Conjuring 2) because I wanted to shoot myself before I got to the end of this incredibly boring movie.  I’ve also decided I can’t stand Teresa Palmer.  She is unbelievably gorgeous, has a ridiculously amazing body, she kills an American accent (in a killer way) I mean – even her VOicE is attractive AND her acting carries ever movie she does, H A T E  H E R  (this totally reminds me of my I hate Scarlett Johansen phase)!  Anyway people, when it comes to Lights Out, I absolutely cannot recommend this stupid movie (and demand a refund dammit!)why-lights-out-is-arguably-the-most-anticipated-horror-movie-of-2016-lights-out-relea-922857

One Up.


images-1Unknown-1I found that Netflix no longer offers this movie but I am SO passionate about it I have an offer to make – if you want to see it but cannot afford to buy it, send me an email and a preference of digital media or dvd (along with an email address or mailing address) and I will send you the movie on my dime.