I was brought to blogging (in tears), by a Ted Talk.

Key Concepts:  vulnerability and shame.

6a897af297b10f218a8b3f936e5cf136xxx.jpgTHE FACTS

  • Basically … I have Bilateral Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Cervical Radiculopathy, and Neuroborreliosis, or Neurological Chronic Lyme Disease [CLD].
  • I (therefore) manage chronic pain on top of chronic pain and chronic “brain fog“, among other things.
  • I have CLD because at some point in my life I was unknowingly bitten by a tick.  Since the tick was undiscovered / not removed promptly, I contracted Lyme Disease along with multiple other co-infections which when left untreated, can travel through the body and brain, doing major damage to organs and the Central Nervous System along the way.
  • Lyme Disease becomes Chronic when symptoms have been present for over a year and have effected the nervous system.  (note: major paraphrase of the full-on definition)                                              




  • 30 Doctors since 02/15/13
  • 22 different diagnoses
  •  $75K+ paid OOP in medical related expenses
  • 2 major surgeries
  • Over 6″ of (surgical) scarring on my neck and collarbone
  • ONE
    • attempted suicide on 6-29-16, yep.
    • threat of suicide a few months later, landing me back in the crazy house. Yep.
    • court-worthy medical malpractice case 
    • # of ribs I have had surgically removed as a possible fix
    • # of times I usually leave the house (not for therapy) each week
  • 250 – the approximate amount of documents I’ve had to fill out justifying my circumstances
  • 12 dates with an X-ray machine, 2 MRIs, 2 EMGs, 7 epidurals, 6 facet injections, 2 Physical Therapy rounds
  • 212 prescriptions filled
  • 10% improvement

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