(NICU) Day 24 – Green

I try to stand by the “if you can’t say something nice” philosophy when it comes to blogging. Considering it has been 20 days since my last post; you can therefore come to a damn near close conclusion regarding my experience in the NICU thus far; while I say “nothing at all”.  I will, however, provide an unbiased overview:

  1. Evelyn had a bowel infection.  This required a lot of different antibiotics, a blood transfusion and a food fast from the last good x-ray through the following 7 days. We are currently on day 4 (imagine starving a baby who is used to eating every 3 hours). This will set back Evie’s growth and increase her stay in the NICU.
  2. Around day 10, we were relocated from the “emergency” NICU [ERN] to the long-stay NICU [LSN].
    1. The ERN was abundant in young, happy-go-lucky nurses who are full of fresh ideas and endless energy.
      1. The LSN is staffed by nurses who have 25+ years of experience, not to mention their own personal histories of raising kids and grandkids.
        1. A majority of these know-everything nurses work 12 hour shifts. Twelve. Hours.
        2. The night nurses think they are at a slumber party and their gossip is louder than any wet diaper alert.
    2. Our ERN room had one full wall of windows that overlooked the city streets.
      1. Our LSN room has one small window in the corner, facing a brick wall.
    3. The ERN has the shower and Ronald McDonald family kitchen with free coffee, treats and laundry facilities.
      1. The LSN is a super long haul to the ERNs amenities.
  3. It is Christmastime; me and my new baby are living in a hospital room (facing a brick wall). It is her 1st Christmas, in case that is not clear.
  4. We will be here in the LSN until next year.

During the time it took me to write out the above, I have had to put Evelyn’s pacifier back in her mouth 7 times. I am SO jealous of that damn thing; which just so happens to be the color of envy (and the size of a baby bottle – practice). There is nothing (legal) in the world that is capable of soothing me the way a paci allays my girl. Except maybe, the way she holds my hand when I help keep it in place.

Make that 8 times.

Happy Holidays!