Day 34 – The Science of Fun

In fifth grade biology, I was the kid who refused to participate in slaughtering a frog, but only because I thought it was the stupidest most cliche experiment ever.  If you had put me in front of a human cadaver I assure you, A+ all the way (for interest and effort, of course).


My favorite definition of science:  Noun; a particular branch of knowledge. I may have skated by with a C- in fifth grade bio but when it comes to the science of fun, you might as well slap the honor roll sticker on my Mom’s bum(per) right now. There are SO many books and motivational speeches out there focused on how to be happy it makes me want to chew on my sketchers, but no one dials directly into the main ingredient which in my experienced opinion, is and will always be, FUN. Show me someone who is having fun but is unhappy – double dead body dare you.

How often do you find yourself saying, aloud, “this is fun!” or “I am having fun!“? Not to show off or anything, but I have been in a hospital for 34 days and only 3 or 4 of those days were lacking in fun (as it was replaced by pain). My formula is extremely complex and all mathematical and shit; I will share it with you but if you cannot keep up, please do not feel bad.


I bring toys with me to the dentist; if you enjoy solving a Rubik’s Cube, you can make a fucking root canal FUN.

DISCLOSURE:  I am on the low to no skills end of a Rubik’s, that was merely an example.

PS  I google imaged the word Fun and this photo was in the 3rd row …