Day 30 – A O I U I I A

I play a lot of Scrabble.  Every day my Dad and I play each other (via iPad Scrabble Premium) from morning ’til night, with downtime in-between of course for meals and events. When he visits me on Saturday and Sunday, we sit next to each other and play while watching hockey for football. Yep, little did you know I’m a secret word nerd.

I have thought a lot about why I like Scrabble so much.  I do not have a genius vocabulary by any means I would rather make up my own words than learn new ones and in fact, I most often play more common words than complicated ones. I am also not at all competitive, never have been.  Maybe it is because I suck at most games; sports or video related it doesn’t matter, no skills here, my competitiveness comes in the form of fun.  Whoever has the most fun playing the game is always a winner! (holy. cheese.)

ANYYYWAY … I have decided to make a list of the reasons I believe Scrabble is for everyone. Maybe if it is not your thing, you will be more willing to give it another shot. You can thank me later. (Preferably with flowers, balloons, or anything that is known to brighten a hospital room)

Happy Scrabbling!