Day 5

For better or worse, nothing describes my life better than Mr. Gere’s quote(s) over there. I resigned my Catholic faith years ago but I have spiritual faith and I believe in the Universe [U].  However, just as they say, “God does not give you more than you can handle,” I think the same for the U, and the U most definitely sees me as someone who can manage a SHIT TON.

Once upon a time … nurse A came in to take my blood (done every 3 days).  Nurse A was one of the most adorable, personable nurses in the pregnancy-problem ward and my blood draw was her last task of the day.  About 10 minutes post Round 1, A reappeared in my doorway with more needles and vials in her hands, sharing that she accidentally put the wrong label on my blood and the policy calls for auto-redraw.

Round 2, nurse A accidentally blew out one of my veins, but she DID get some blood in the vials and dropped them off at the desk before heading home.  15 minutes or so later, nurse B takes the doorway’s place and says, “you are probably not going to like this, but we need to take your blood again, A did not draw enough.”

Round 3, they called for a SWAT nurse who specializes in finding good veins with zero excavation.  Third time was a charm and after crushing a handful of heat packs, I was left with this temporary (but beautiful!) tattoo to remind me of the good times had today …

I giggled my way through the battle of the blood; it was distressing not dangerous.  If you think about it, it takes SOOOO much effort to be pissed off, annoyed, stressed out, or judgmental.  Being empathetic, accommodating and compassionate, that shit is blood pressure free.

Give someone a break today and just giggle!