Good Days

When you have MDD it is crazy important to acknowledge the good days; not only for the “obvious” but also for memory retrieval on the not-so-hot days. Today, was a PHENOMENAL day.  Although it resulted in a migraine and some seriously radiating pain, my smile is genuine and worthy of being recorded.  My Mom and I went to the Hilton Apple Festival where I purchased an uh-mazing birdhouse, tie-dye onesie for Evie and some super fantastic rings to add to my collection.  I met the MOST talented lady who is a magical ring-maker (so jealous of her!!) and I believe we are going to be long time friends.  PLEASE check her out via Instagram or Facebook!

P.S.  Potato Pancakes with sour cream served by incredibly well mannered boy scouts, major, m a j o r, highlight.