13 Reasons to watch 13 Reasons Why

There are SO many seasoned shows out there that my ADHD kicks in hardcore when scanning through my multiple TV entertainment sources (cable, Apple TV, Fire stick, Netflix and Hulu subs) trying to find something I have the attention span to watch for periods extending beyond a simple 2 hour movie.
In Dr. Phil’s episode on bullying leading to suicide, he mentioned the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, and as a previously bullied teen who can totally identify with this increasingly active problem (thanks to technology & social media), I was immediately keen.  I viewed the entire season (13 episodes), in 24 hours.

13 Reasons Why is  1.) Enthralling  2.) Captivating  3.) Tormenting  4.) Eye Opening   5.) Engrossing  6.) Unimaginable  7.) Upsetting  8.) Thought Provoking  9.) Passionate  10.) Intense  11.) Memorable  12.) Hardcore  13.) NECESSARY.

Bullying … GET. INVOLVED.